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Best tips to help you gain weight fast

Have an Extra Slice of Whole Grain Toast With Peanut Butter at Breakfast.

Start your day with a full breakfast and an additional piece or two of whole-grain bread with peanut butter, which is high in fat and protein and low in calories. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain around 200 calories.

Choose natural peanut butter brands over those with added sugar. Almond butter and other forms of nut and seed butter are also good alternatives for weight gain since they are high in protein and include a lot of beneficial fats.

Whole grains are an excellent source of fibre. Choose whole-grain bread with no more than 100 calories per slice. When bread incorporates nuts and seeds, it typically provides more calories and beneficial fats per serving.

Drink whole milk, 100% fruit juice, or 100% vegetable juice.

To add protein, calcium, and vitamin D to your nut butter toast, drink a glass of whole milk with it. If you dislike cow’s milk or prefer not to consume it, consider a nut-based milk substitute. It will have fewer calories, but it should still be fortified with calcium and vitamin D, which are vital minerals for weight gain.

Throughout the day, pick 100% fruit and vegetable juices that are free of additions such as sugar. Read the Nutrition Facts labels carefully to verify you’re eating actual foods that you can pronounce—the fewer ingredients mentioned, the better.

Sugary sodas are seductive, but aside from being heavy in calories, they have little nutritional value.

Add Extra Cheese to an Omelet and Use an Extra Egg.

Omelettes are often cooked with two or three eggs, cheese, and a variety of other ingredients, so they are already high in energy. Increase the calories in your omelette by adding a little more cheese and an extra egg. But leave room for some nutritious vegetables like spinach, peppers, onions, or even mushrooms and tomatoes.

Use a spoonful of avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil to cook your omelette. This will increase the number of calories and monounsaturated fat. For more calories and smoothness, add a dash of whole milk or half-and-half to the egg mixture. For a healthy fat boost, serve with a slice of whole-grain bread topped with avocado.

Top Your Avocado Toast with an Egg.

Avocados are commonly regarded as a superfood due to their high levels of healthful fat and fibre, as well as their high protein content. They’re an excellent choice for a weight-gain diet. Add a fried or poached egg to your avocado toast for a double dose of protein and extra calories.

Slice an Apple and Serve With Nut Butter.

Many individuals don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and while they are lower in calories, you don’t want to give them up because they are a vital element of a balanced diet. Slather some almond, peanut, or cashew butter on apple slices for a high-calorie snack. You’ll get enough nutrients as well as calories to help you acquire weight.

Add Chopped Nuts, Oats, Fruit and Honey to Yogurt.

Add walnuts, almonds, or pecans to your Greek yoghurt, along with oats or granola and your favourite dried fruit. With a tablespoon of honey on top, you’ll have a wonderful and healthy snack or dessert.

Carry a bag of trail mix with you for a quick snack.

The term “trail mix” refers to a combination of nuts, seeds, cereal, and dried fruit. Trail mix can be purchased at grocery shops or made at home. In fact, you can up the calorie count by adding chocolate chips. Keep your trail mix in a plastic bag or container and take it with you on the move so you may snack on it throughout the day while on your weight-gaining diet. Carry a bag of trail mix with you for a quick snack.

Protein Bars Help You Get More Protein (and Calories).

In terms of ingredients, protein bars are comparable to trail mix. You can create your own protein bars or buy them at any supermarket or convenience shop. Examine the Nutrition Facts label to discover how many calories are in each serving and if it fulfils the needs for your weight-gain plan. Keep an eye out for hidden additional sugars as well.

Use Sour Cream as a Go-To Topping.

Sour cream provides calcium as well as the additional calories required for healthy weight gain. Cheese, gravy, full-fat Greek yoghurt, or grass-fed butter can be used to up the calorie count.

Eat Larger Portions of Starchy Vegetables Like Potatoes.

Potatoes have a negative reputation due to their high carbohydrate content, yet your body utilises carbs for energy, and potatoes are abundant in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Increase the calories by adding sour cream or yogurt—and additional points for using healthy fats like olive oil in the cooking.

Because potatoes are starchy, they have more calories than green vegetables. While you should avoid Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kale, you should eat plenty of potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, winter squash, and even sweet corn.

Choose Creamed Soups Over Clear Soups.

Creamed soups have more calories than clear broth soups. On a weight-gain plan, a large bowl of creamed soup with crusty warm bread may provide a good energy-dense lunch. Choose cream of broccoli, cream of mushroom, or similar cream-based soups to keep your creamed soups healthful.

Add Cheese Sauces to Green Veggies.

Broccoli, a green and bright vegetable, is high in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. They are, nevertheless, low in calories. Add cheese or cheese sauce to your favourite green vegetables to boost your energy intake.

If you don’t like cheese sauce, roast your vegetables in olive oil before tossing them with seeds for extra crunch, fibre, protein, and fat.

These are the Best tips to help you gain weight fast.

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